Thursday, 3 November 2011

Lost Control!!


it's been 4 days since I crashed my car into a tembok.

Alhamdulillah nothing happened to us (me and hubby) physically.

the car was bad on only one side, passenger's side,
where my hubby was sitting.

yes, i was the driver.  =)


yeah, i lost control of the steering.
it just didnt want to listen to my hands.

no, i dont think i was going too fast at the corner.
it had been raining earlier and the road was wet.

anything was possible..

so let me start from the beginning..

ya ya dont get bored just yet.
i havent even started..


i remember looking behind (through the main mirror)
takkan la i turn my head all the way back and looked behind, lagi teruk la kalau macam tu
 and i saw a bus about the time i took the left turn.

i was turning the steering when we reached the corner.
(tengok depan nampak jalan LDP tu jem teruk)

when i looked again, we were too close to the left side almost near the tembok dah 
(here, i felt the steering wheel had turned left-more left than i had planned)

so i steered it back to the right but it did not budge,
(or at least that's what i felt)
and it turned to the left again.

and so we hit the left-side rock-hard divider!

the impact made the car turn 360 degrees
and i cant recall how many times it circled
(i thought it was just once but judging from where we hit the tembok
and where we end up,
it must have been more than once!!)

in my head..

the next thing i remember was, i pressed the brake sooooooo hard
and the car stopped just nicely before the right side rock-hard divider.

i think the car actually stopped because at about that same time,
my husband remembered to pull the hand brake up.
otherwise, the car would hit the other divider and
the front-right of the car would be damaged as well,
and me!!


a great lesson learned that day!!

dont drive too fast
(even if i wasnt, really!!!)
at a corner,
when it rains or after it had rained.

what i experienced did not feel like hydroplanning
more like "you need to service your car and make sure the power steering is okay"
before you start driving.

the car was due for service anyway.

well, the car is at the workshop now.

i am car-less.

but i have my mom & my dad to drive me to work.
yes, i am still dimanjakan at this age..
well, actually, they are still working and can drop me off to work on their way..
but, its nicer to think that i am being pampered still..


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