Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cuti Sekolah tak lama lagi..


We're planning to go on a holiday in December (hubby and i, and my two teeno's) and at first, hubby wanted to go to Langkawi (we initially planned to go to places that we've never been to, due to: (1) the distance, (2) really never been to, (3) etc and we have actually decided to take a trip South, to Johori suggested that we go to Johor and he said okay. Fyi, the two of us went to Terengganu last year for our anniversary) and and it turned out that Langkawi has LIMA (Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition) during the selected dates.

The room rates are waaaaaay more expensive than normal season, since it was school holidays + LIMA at the same time.

We have then, obviously, changed our holiday destination and as such, leaving for Bukit Tinggi in 24 days!

Colmar Tropicale is beautiful resort but i aimed a little lower and booked Selesa Resort instead.
i booked an apartment at Selesa, from the pics given to me by the travel agent, the 2-bdrm apartment is very basic. (hubby said it looks like a regular place for Pvt PARTY!!!!)
but as long as it has a clean bathroom and comfy beds to sleep in, that should be fine.  =)
Colmar is beautiful but costly and i plan to spend on other things than just beautiful looking rooms with a four poster bed that i really looooooooooove.. actually...

o sometimes you just have to let go of nicer things in order to get better things..
or so i think.

we plan to go to Pakistan for a cousin's wedding in March 2012 so i need to save loads of money for the tickets and shopping and stuff, you know. The amount saved will only be enough for me!! OMG!! not enough!! (panic attack now). i've never been to Pakistan thus the reason for this 'save first and indulge later' behaviour.

i would like to experience a Pakistani's wedding (whether it's lavish or simple) it doesnt matter but the fact that it's an original Pakistani wedding!! woohoo!!

it's interesting to know your family tree (i dont know much but just a tiny bit of information is somewhat fascinating!)

My Tok Janggut (my granddad on my dad's side) is a Pakistani, married to my grandmother who is a Malay from Masjid Tanah, Melaka. My Pak Tok (my granddad on my mom's side is probably a mix of Malay+Malabari and my grandmother is Chinese from Alor Star, Kedah.
i dont know more than that but i should hope that some of my relatives know more than me =)

Back to my planned holiday at Bukit Tinggi, i think we need to pay a certain fee to get into Colmar Tropicale area.
i Googled, about RM 16 for adults and RM 8 for Children.
Unfortunately children's fee does not apply to me now since i've got teeno's instead of kiddo's.
hO ho Ho!!

we're paying about RM 800 for 3 nights stay at Selesa. if we stay at a Family room at room at Colmar its about RM 1300.  So, if we pay the entrance fee for 3 days straight into Colmar, we would manage to save about RM300 lower than Colmar.

Boleh laa. Better than nothing. Boleh spend on horses ke, the spa ke, makan sampai tak hingaat ke!! (the latter is definitely what i'm after. jalan-jalan cari makan!!)

it's school holidays soon!!

i hope you have arranged something interesting and/or fun and/or educational and/or ridiculous and/or outrageous for yourself and family.

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia!!



  1. Happy Holidaying.... Boleh pegi rabbit park or Japanese Garden kat Colmar nanti... Have Fun!

  2. best nye...saya lum pernah sampai ke Bukit Tinggi lagi...anyway, hepi holiday dear :)