Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My 3rd Cold Processed Soap =)


this is my 3rd CP soap.
made it on the same week as the other two, actually..
nice kan..

for the ingredients, i used same oils as the 2nd CP soap.
but this time i added turmeric powder and grounded black peppercorns
and Black Pepper EO and Orange-Sweet EO.

need to buy an EO for the base note!!

i did not take a picture of it just after i pour it into the mould!!!
rugi tau :(

i should have you know..
because now the bright colours has faded.
rugi kan :(

the pale cream section you see below was actually orange at the time of pouring
because i added turmeric powder into the mix.
it was a beautiful bright orange....

I've cut it into 4 rectangular bars..

and lastly cut into 8 bars, like the previous one..

feast your eyes with my lower-than-amateur photos..

of course i have to upload many photos..

one is just not enough!! 

do ignore the sawdust on the soap.. i was doing some woodworking after..hehe
have to practice on my swirls!!

i added freshly grounded black peppercorns

that, unfortunately, turned into those brown spots as you can see in all the photos..

 so, i have to contain myself from using fresh items in my soap or it'll end up like this again!!

tak nak ah, nanti tak chantek kan..

i was thinking that the peppercorns could be a scrubbing tool embedded in the soap

mana nak tau yang dia nak kembang lak!!

well, 2 weeks to go!!

then we'll find out if it scrubs well!!


chao chao!!

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