Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Another Disappointment... =(


I made my soap, not on Saturday but just yesterday.

I did it almost like the 2nd and 3rd time, using frozen coconut milk..

but the coconut milk froze on me, again!!

i mixed it with lye and stirred and it became grainy as usual.

i covered it as i was doing something else.

but when i open the cover, it was solidifying!!

i think because the coconut milk ice chunks was too huge. maybe.
so the lye had warmed just enough to melt the chunks but the process stopped because it was too cold.
i should've hacked it into smaller pieces, like ice cube sizes in ice cube tray.

i stirred it again and it was still grainy but thick.

i mixed it with the oils and using the hand mixer brought it to trace (after about an hour or so) but the were still specks of coconut milk in it.
I even placed the bowl on a pan of hot water.
well, i didnt know what else to do.
i thought it would help but didnt see any difference.

it was almost at a thick trace when i poured it into the moulds
(yup, i made a bigger batch this time so i had to use 1.5 moulds (shoebox-size).

like the first CP soap, i'm going to have to grate it once it hardens and do the rebatch thing again!


grating takes time...

and the rebatch thing is time consuming not too mention tiring.

but it has to be done.

good luck to me!!


chao chao

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