Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Start of a New Project!!


in the excitement of the accident that happened on Sunday..

i forgot to mention that i have..


bought some main materials to do my soap.

i have bought a digital scale and a hand mixer.

yes, this is an achievement!
since i have been postponing it for soo sooo soooo long!

i didnt want to spend all 300++ Ringgit on a stick blender just yet
so m hoping that this hand mixer would do the work just fine.

i dont know how long it will take me to reach trace
since i havent used it yet
but maybe not as long as using a normal whisk!

so, a hand mixer it is!!

i need to have some protection for my eyes and skin so what else do i need?


maybe i can just clingwrap my head where the eyes are,
wear my headscarf, put on my glasses and wear long sleeves..

what else?

just need to get a plastic apron.

well, it is safer since i'm going to handle a nasty chemical.


maybe i can finally start this weekend!!


i cant wait!!

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