Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Remilled (Grated) - 1st CP soap


i grated my 1st CP soap. 
you know.. the one that curdled.

the grating was difficult because the soap was soft.
i cut my fingers :(
 its finally healing today 
(when the skin closes and you dont see a cut much anymore)
so all is well..

i placed the grated soap into a zipped plastic bag and double bagged it 
and put it in a pan of boiling water.

it got soft after a long while of kneading and boiling repeatedly 

and i made 2 shapes out of it..

not forgetting the extra extra lavender EO i added 
and m rasa m letak banyak sangat sebab bau dia kurang menarik..
yup, it doesnt smell so good

this soap had butter in it. 
you know, the butter we eat with bread. 
yes, that butter.
i had trouble finding a soap calculator that has the SAP for butter..
after browsing only 3 or 4 websites..

palm, olive, castor. 
i think thats the whole lot of it.. 
no fragrance in the first try and it smelled kinda like baby's puke


not really... 


baby only takes milk and when they burp, 
sometimes the half-processed milk comes out with the air so it smells a bit weird.
(yes, this info is for those who does not know that baby's vomit too haha)

so my soap smelled like that, 
only stronger, 
thus the reason i added lavender into it.

but it stills smell weird after, so what to do..

maybe it was the coconut milk that i used instead of water.. hmm..

i'm still going to use it in 2 weeks time and i hope it will harden by then 
as it is very very soft now.

i did a 36% water (coconut milk) with the soap calculator at soapcalc
i did add maybe 2 tbsp of water when i grated it 
so maybe it got softer because of that?
(well, it was heavy droplets of water hehehe) 

i made 2 balls with a roselle stuck on top.

i tore some dried roselles and mixed it in the grated soap, 
you might see some peeking out of the soap. 

i pressed some torn roselles on top and some at the bottom of the soap.

this one looks like a mud-bowl with some visible garnishes in it.. hehehe

the roselle tastes better in a glass of water with sugar, of course..
like ribena 
i got this from google, a roselle flower

never heard of a roselle soap yet..
(i spoke too soon!! did a google search.. it exists!!)
perhaps get the infused roselle tea (water+roselle) 
and use that instead of plain water..
yes, i think that's how they do it...

the smell of dried roselle?

i dont think you'd be interested..

nope, not nice. 

oh! dont forget that the soap smells like 
baby-after-burp-milk + lavender EO 
and add dried roselle into it..?

not a good combination

a definite no-no.

dont ever, ever ever, try to duplicate this smell at home..

seriously, dont.
(m saying this with eyes really wide open) 
so imagine my face with eyes like that 
coz the smell is a no-no

chao chao

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