Sunday, 6 November 2011

My 1st Cold Processed soap - it curdled!


i have finally made my first cold processed soap!
 using the milk carton as my mould

the soap did not turn out right though..
i couldnt find coconut oil so instead of using water i used coconut milk instead..
so, it was palm+olive+castor+butter+lye+coconut milk (CM).

i know, i should not have started with milk but i thought i could 
and so i ended up with curdled CM in my soap.

not forgetting the fact that i did not melt my butter 100%. maybe just around 80% or so.

i've taken pictures.

have a look-see and if you're reading this, maybe can tell me what went wrong..

 the brown swirling was from cocoa powder.
it was only visible from the top though since i used a tall mold instead of a longer mold.
or maybe there's a way and i dont know how yet.

 the is the bar cut from the top. 
cocoa powder all over the place, by the sides and centre.

cocoa powder for second bar, still visible here

Cold Process Soap

less here..

Cold Process Soap curdled

this one has no visible cocoa at all.
 only the hardened curdled CM.

i assume that it was the heat of the lye+CM because i did not freeze it. 
the CM was at room temperature..

i will still wait for 4 weeks and see if it will cure okay.

then i will USE it!

come on, i wouldnt want to waste all my oils (castor included!!)
and my yummy milk now right?

m going to have another go at this!!

wish me luck!!


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