Monday, 7 November 2011

My 2nd Cold Processed soap !!


I made my second soap yesterday.

from the looks of it, its beautiful..
not because i made it hehe
but the colour is beautiful, blackish greyish..

this time it was palm+olive+canola+lye+coconut milk(CM)+activated charcoal.

i made sure i froze the CM first this time so that it doesnt curdle.
it worked!!

i did not make it slushy, i just waited till it melt just a little.
i poured all frozen CM into a stainless steel bowl, 
made a well, sort of, in the centre and pour the lye in, a little at a time 
and while stirring, pushed the frozen CM into the centre, where the lye is, one by one.

it did not curdle so i am very happy!!

i need to find a way to cut this soap nicely. 

i didnt cut the first one well, 
it was too thin and very very uneven that it cant stand!
i'm actually curing it flat on its side, turning it every now and then..

i've googled and read that i should just throw it away 
but it would be such a waste so i'm keeping it for me still..

i will do the cutting ceremony soon!!

blog about it later peeps!!


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