Monday, 21 November 2011

Update on CP soap w Activated Charcoal


i've cut my 4 bars into 2 bars each.

i cut it with a fishing wire (my dad's) hehehe
(he did say i could cut the length i needed)

but i did not measure it (the soap bar) accurately
so most definitely ada yang pendek dan ada yang senget-benget.


i think you can clearly see how crooked it is even from the top view. sad ha..

m dah cuba buat my own soap cutter but that got crooked as well so i have yet to use it.

i'd have to fix it before i start using it or buy a totally new one..

but its a palm size bar. a standard size square bar.

i have a problem with this though..

can see right?

the bar is grey but the specks are darker grey.

is it possible that the specks are the activated charcoal bits?

entah lah..

janji nanti boleh pakai sudah laa.

it's the 3rd week of curing.. so i have about one week to go and then i can try it out.

m tak nak la tunggu sampai 6 minggu.. 4 should be enough..
chao chao!!

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