Friday, 25 November 2011

more soap please..


think its time m mula buat sabun baru..
i'll still be using the same oils and EO since m tak beli apa-apa minyak atau/dan EO baru lagi.
aaargh!!   i now i should tapi nantilah tunggu m stable sikit.

skarang tengah menggaru kepala untuk menyimpan duit untuk travel..

ataupun m bayar kat mak balik ansur-ansur which is a better option...
i need to discuss that with mak later laa.. (wink wink)

well, i'm itching to make at least one new batch
maybe without activated charcoal this time and perhaps a bigger quantity if i want to make the nice top swirls...hmm...

i will still want to use coconut milk instead of water.. since i dont have coconut oil.

i should start tomorrow!

i should..

chao chao!

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