Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Not -So-Bad Cut - Update on my 2nd CP Soap w Activated Charcoal


I couldnt wait much longer so i cut my 2nd soap dah!!

just see the swirls!!!

i know, i took threee pictures of the tugu (monument) sabun!!

so what? sukahati laa


cantik apa

cant you see i'm over excited that my second try worked!!

its about 12 cm in length..
and about 5.5 cm width

and about 3 cm thick..

maybe i should cut this into 2 smaller bars..

but i like it as it is now =)


still have to wait 4 weeks to cure =(

i hope its not going to be too caustic or too soft..

i would love to avoid both, if i could..

i had no ash problem, it got sweaty at first and then it vanished.

waiting is the most difficult part..

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