Friday, 21 October 2011

Cant Wait!!


i've been controlling the urge to read Game of Thrones. 
and i dont think i can control it much longer.

its not just the story 
(from what i've seen on HBO, the story is really interesting!!)
but its also

the read


the feeling of being transported in..
being one with the book..
as if you are IN the story.

invisible yes,
no  one can see you or feel your presence 
but you're in there, with them..

..sighing with a smile..

feeling what they feel (almost) 
imagining what they are doing when you read each and every word..

i cant explain the feeling..
its just soooooo out of this world wow!!

i do have a problem when i read though..

i have difficulty stopping..

yes, its hard for me to stop once i start.
if i can hold, i'll hold for as long as i can
if i can eat while reading, i'll do that, 
if i can go to the loo and still read, i 'll do that.


it has been a really long while after my last read.
i think the last book was a romance
and it was beautiful

..sighing with a smile..

man meets woman 
or woman meets man
fall in love
face trouble(s)
and overcome them 
and finally
be together  
ever after.. 

..sighing with a smile..
yes, a typical romance book 
but the experience and the adventure they shared was wonderful.
still is..

m not saying all authors/books are good 
because some of the romance books i read are not nice.

but the great ones are just beautiful..

..sighing with a smile..

i can almost feel

the sadness,
the torture (heart-feelings) of separation, 

and of course 

the love..

..sighing with a smile..

 oh i cant wait to start!

i know this isnt the same as a romance 
but its going to be an interesting read still..

yes m all smiles now..
i'll probably start reading a tiny bit tonight 

and if i can help it..


and continue again tomorrow!

..sighing with a smile..



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