Thursday, 20 October 2011

Guess What? =)


i dont think i can ever be a good blogger..

i find reading other blogs so much more interesting than mine..

so i blog less..


by the way...
i got a new book today after such a long long long long (you get the picture) time
buying one, even reading one!!

i love reading, romance books but fictional are as great!

i cant read motivational stuff. i dont find it interesting.

i love romance books because i love happily ever after endings.
its just so so so so sweet and fulfilling.

i look forward to that... in the next life..
perhaps one day i can make myself worthy enough for heaven, InsyaAllah.
am taking baby steps now..  =)

ok, sambung cerita..
one of my superiors bought it for me.
he said something like..."after all the work I've done for the company."

it's basically a token of appreciation that I really really really appreciate..

thank you boss!!

best best!!

want to know what book this is?

drum roll please...

jeng.. jeng..jeng..

yes, yes, i was going to tell you anyway..

it's the first out of 5 books of George R.R. Martin!!

1st of 5 of "A Song of Ice & Fire."!!

"Game of Thrones!!!!!"

i watched the series on HBO, on Astro and it is so so so so so interesting.

i cant help being "over" today.

yes, everything is just more.
more than just plain.
it's a good day, not that other days arent good
but today is another one of those good days.
as good as it gets of course.
 and right now, its good!!


yes i'm all smiles today..
minus some hiccups..

the first set of series is great!
therefore,  i'm greatly assuming that the book is much much much better.

i finished only the prologue..
i hope to get 'so engrossed with the book that i dont do anything else' mode soon.


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