Friday, 21 October 2011

Let's Get the Ball Rolling!!


i know i dont have a list of readers here in this blog.

just a lucky one for now
(yes Ma'am IEDA, you are lucky that I'm mentioning you in my almost nonexistent blog)

but let's say i do, one day,
then i'm listing out 2 of many items that i wish to have...

right now, 
it's just a hand mixer and 
a digital weighing machine (1g/0.1g) 
a stainless steel one if possible.

yes, i would need those to start my soap-making project.

my current interest.


i dont have a hand mixer.

we have a whisk but its for food, not for soap.

i have a mixer, not a hand mixer.
its a fixed one, also used for food.

we have a smaller mixer, also for food.

we also have a weighing scale 
but its not digital. 
and i dont know how accurate it is anyway.

so there it is, only two things.

if i were to actually list out what i want (materials) here, 
it will be a modest list.

not too long but not too short either. 


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