Thursday, 13 October 2011

Still Contemplating.....


Its been awhile since my last post..

I have not done anything with regards to my soap.. (sad)

maybe i should just buy the hand mixer which is so much cheaper than the stick blender.
just so i could start making soap..

well, its either that or wait till I have money to buy a good quality stick blender
which range from RM 200 - RM 500 a set!
not yet though, i just think i should stick to cheaper materials first
before i invest with the more expensive ones.
yup, i still cant decide..aaaaaargh!!

and dont forget about the scale!
do i need to get one with 0.1 sensitivity or should i just get one that can weigh to 1g only?
the 0.1 sensitivity is expensive okay..

well, other than NOT doing anything about my soap,
i've been reading some soap blogs and their soaps are just so so so beautiful.

yes, I do need to get a dose of soap porn every now and then
when i'm not too busy at work.
it just relaxes me so and yes, stresses me out in some other ways 
as i'm itching to make my own, free of harmful radicals..


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