Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lye Spill


i wanted to do another batch of soap yesterday, 08 January 2013

i was more organised than on Sunday 
and relaxed 
since I wasnt rushing to go out anywhere.

it was a weekday.
that means i'm working during the day
 and i only have time after office hours..
which was just about an hour to an hour and a half of free time
to do just 600g of soap.
yes, a little over 1 pound..

i got my oils weighed and added kaolin clay to it before i added the lye.
i weighed my EO's, this time i mixed Lavender and Lemon and put that aside.
last but not least, my lye.
i weighed the lye and coconut milk, separately.
and mixed the lye to the coconut milk ice cubes.
stirred with a plastic spatula and stick blend.

long story cut short
the lye plus coconut milk mixture dropped on the floor
with the stick blender that was also inside the bowl
fell onto the extension plug 
and caused a trip to the whole house.

automatically as the bowl fell
i reached out
with my bare hands
and tried to grab whatever i could grab
which was nothing BUT the lye!
yes, i missed the bowl and the stick blender 
and all i got was the lye.

washed my hands with water after some seconds of delay. 
cant say a few seconds as it wasnt 2 seconds.. 
it was more.
shock i think
like a 'damn it' kinda feeling!
i think in between that
my daughter was hollering
from downstairs
asking what happened

i think everyone heard the loud 'BANG' noise.
i screamed for her not to come.
but guess who showed up?

my dad!

he came into the rescue and helped to wash my hands and the floor..
schweeeeeet (sweet)
love you lots!
i know you're not gonna read this but love you anyway

too lazy to write out all in detail.

washed with water, vinegar
showered and washed w vinegar.
final cleanup and smeared vinegar.
later that night, thought my right eye was splashed with the lye mix.
washed with water.
lots of it
scared to wash with vinegar.

wake up.

can see there's some marks
 that looks like you've been scratching-till-your-skin-thins
 on my right arm
been in that situation before?
if you have then you'd know what i mean.
lets just say it's like you chafed your skin, i think..

did i learn my lesson?
will i soap without gloves again?
will i soap without goggles again?

i know i should say no to the final 2 Questions but i'm just too lazy.

will have to fight my laziness so that i can soap safely!

remember peeps
soap with goggles, long sleeve and gloves. 
long pants and socks or shoes..
nothing should be left uncovered.
if you have a face mask, that would be better..

take care!

enjoy your hobbies
whatever that may be.
as long as you dont hurt 
another human, animal, or plants..

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