Wednesday, 16 January 2013

craving soap.


guess what?! 
rhetorical ;)

m opening, like, 10 tabs and all are soap blogs..

my apologies, i know i should really read your blog
(you wont know who you are but ...) 
but i crave some s'porns. 
on my phone, m on FB'S Soapers Retreat and s'pornin' there too.
and liking all your photo's and status'es.


cant help it.

made soap last 2 weeks and m craving to do more..

cant wait!!

maybe i'll do some this weekend!!

please please please, i hope to have some time to make at least 2 molds
(my molds are recycled cardboard boxes and it can only fit about 8 bars of soap
 - i dont know how much they weigh after cure but they are from 600 g of oils.)

wish me luck!

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