Friday, 4 January 2013

Fatigue.Tiredness.Lethargic. Yeast?


i wanted to know why i'm tired all the time.

i thought it was because my body was adjusting to the fact that we're taking care of a baby, who is now a toddler, for the past 10 months..
(10 months is a long time ha)


i was reading blogs, on a daily basis now, and i came upon Gluten-free girl.

i was reading about coeliac disease.

dont really have those symptoms but i like the blog.. 
how Shauna describes the food...

found candida, answered 3 surveys, got high scores for yeast infection!
which probably mean i probably have a case of Candida.
didnt provide a link for it.
i suggest  you search for 'candida' or 'candida symptoms' if you want to read more on this.
there's a saliva test..
maybe can do it later to confirm..
i did the test last weekend (5/6 Jan '13). exactly like the picture.

fatigue, recurring yeast infections, low libido... etc..

basically, have to avoid certain food.

its not like i cant but the cost of doing so...

i know, i know

which one do you prefer, long term sickly or 
long term always short of money...

ha ha

well, money makes my world go round.

m not rich so i guess i have to really know my priorities and choose intelligently..
wow, such a big choice of words - intelligent.
dok perli diri sendiri la nih

ha ha

and budget accordingly..

its not like i go to the market and know what to buy and what not to buy.

i dont go to the market. 
ikut mak ayah g pasar tani setiap Sabtu pun jarang-jarang..

i go to Tesco, maybe twice a month.

i dont really know my vege's 
or my fishes (how many types of fish are there in the sea/river?!!) 
or my fruits (i cant distinguish the banana's-pisang emas, pisang montel, pisang raja, pisang tanduk etc)
and always confuse between the cempedak and nangka..

i'm just saying that when you (here its I, me) need to do some major adjustment to your life, you tend to put it off until it gets absolutely bad..

so, min! 


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