Thursday, 3 January 2013

Kreatif tak mereka-mereka tu? ;)


i like this link, notmartha

well, i like a lot of sites but today i want to talk about this site and perhaps another. 
i babble too much about everything anyway..

in this site, Megan makes a lot of stuff. 
she gives tutorials on it.
and of course you can do it
she's sharing it so you can do it laa.
whether you can actually do, as in create it tu lain cerita la kan..

i dont remember how i got to her link, maybe from ashley ann's under the sycamore..
ashley pun banyak DIY jugak.. 
decors for home salah satunya
so sesapa yang rasa nak jadi cam eric
dan nak mengubahsuai rumah sendiri boleh lah tengok site ashley ni.
you wont regret it!

i love both and more...

i like the christmas cookie tree, 
the chocolate papier mache at notmartha's 
dan beberapa lagi..

you're not gonna be able to see the direct link to the tutorials mentioned coz 
i want you to click at the main website coz 
then you'll be able to see her site and 
choose which tutorial you want to see and eventually, do. 
when you have the time of course..

i wish i have the patience and the creative-ness and the imagination like them.

untuk menyedapkan hati sendiri, 
'setiap orang ada kelebihan masing-masing..'
dan kelebihan m yang paling ketara sekarang adalah membebel..

jadilah for now, i'll soon discover more, i hope..

you too..

the world is at your fingertips!

at the click of a mouse!

make sure umah ada internet k.

atau boleh je ke internet cafe yang banyak tu..

bukan untuk main game je tau!


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