Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lavender & Lemon CP Soap teaser ;)


after my lye episode on Tuesday
i managed to make my personal 
handmade cold processed soap yesterday
9th January 2013.
cakap macam tak pernah buat saja
padahal dah berkali-kali dah

yes, i made it with exactly the same ingredients
except for the EO's, which is Lavender and Lemon for this one.

a pinch of grapeseed powder was added 
because i thought it would turn the soap mix to purple or red 
but sadly it did not. 
my bad..

i added mangosteen's skin that was coarsely grounded 
(it wasnt fine because i grounded it myself using the stick blender 
and because i was afraid i would ruin the stick blender 
so it becomes coarse mangosteen skin powder.)
this is for the bottom layer and as the pencil line

yes this is my third attempt at pencil line
which you will see later in another post

Lavender and Lemon Cold Processed Handmade Soap

the purple round things you see on the soap is also sugar.
bought it at Cold Storage
at the baking section.
there are 5 designs/colours in a pack.
i think its used mostly for the icing
kan kita boleh tabur as deco for the cakes/cupcakes.

the sugar that i sprinkled on the Lavender and Orange CP,
the pink colour one

so i shall assume the same will happen to this one.
have yet to find out if the purple sugar would melt as well.

FYI - made some itsy bitsy tiny waves
dont know how to do tops yet..

will cut today when i reach home!
cant wait!

Oh, btw, ingredients for this cold processed soap are
(weights are approximate)

Palm (150g), Olive (150g),
Coconut (120g), Canola (120g),
Sweet Almond (30g), Castor Oil (30g), 
Kaolin Clay (10g)
Lye of course (85g)
Coconut milk+Water (230g),
Lavender EO (15g), Lemon EO (9g), 
coarsely grounded Mangosteen Skin (more than a few pinches), 
Grapeseed Powder (about a pinch),
Sugar (enough for decoration)

i think that's about it!



  1. Mint bagi resipi pun tak faham nak membueknya...kalau nekcik oder bole

  2. Nekcik dok kt ne?
    nak order boleh tapi kena tunggu 4-6 minggu.
    kalau m buat eksperimen dengan essential oil yang lain boleh?
    atau nak yang ni jugak?