Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lavender & Orange CP Soap


made soap on Sunday, 6th January 2013.

Olive, Palm, Canola, Coconut, Castor and Sweet Almond Oil.

Tried kaolin clay for the first time.
Added full strength (what i mean here is the correct amount needed) of Lavender and Orange EO's.

sprinkled some coloured sugar on top.

top is flat. no design. soap wasnt thick enough 
and i was rushing for my first ever Indian wedding that evening. 
yea yea excuses excuses..

Lavender and Orange Cold Processed Handmade Soap

i couldnt do it in the morning because i forgot to buy myself some coconut milk.

more excuses
asked my mom to buy for me while she was out 
and she bought the freshly desiccated coconut. 
that means m kena perahlah! 
padan muka kan..

tried to be more organised.

susun barang yang perlu atas meja dan sediakan satu-satu. 
minyak, clay, EO, gula.

tapi masa buat tu, tak ada beza, masih kelam kabut seperti biasa.

padahal kebanyakan barang dah sedia depan mata. 
kira dekat sangat-sangatlah tu.

m salah guna bekas untuk campurkan clay with light traced oils, jadinya lambat.

m guna bekas yang bersegi-padahal patut guna mangkuk, yang bulat!

by the time i mixed the clay mixture in, 

my lightly traced soap dah nak mengeras.
campurlah clay mixture kat dalam main mix, 
tapi sabun tak jadi warna putih, 
tetap warna creamish.

tuang dalam bekas. 

masa dah nak penuh tu, tabur kulit manggis yang dah dijadikan serbuk. 
finished off balance of soap and sprinkled top with coloured sugar..

memang tak buat design langsung atas tu.

nama pun kelam kabut.
dengan tak mandi lagi, nak pergi kenduri lagi..

left it on its own for the evening.

next day, masa m nak keluarkan dari mold, it didnt want to budge.

my mold was a recycled cardboard box. 

when i took it out, it looked wet/oily.

definitely got zapped when i did the tongue test.

so i cut

in my head saying"oh, i cant salvage this!, need to rebatch!"

and so i cut

Lavender and Orange Cold Processed Handmade Soap

cut it into 9 bars iso normal 8 bars

and tongue tested the insides.


weird ha

and so, i panicked.


it might be because of improper mixing...

When is "oozing" a concern? ;-)

Sounds like the chicken pox, but we're talking soap here! Sometimes you'll have some oozing on the outside of your unmolded soap. If this is minimal and only makes a film on the sides and bottom, or some fine beads over the top, you can just blot it off with paper towels and proceed with cutting. I think some fragrances might be the culprit in causing this to happen but I'm not sure. I don't usually notice it in soaps that are scented with essential oils. If you have oozing on the INSIDE of the soap at cutting time, or pockets of oil... then you might need to remelt the batch if they are very frequent or large.

didnt blot

i cut!


untuk menyedapkan hati m, i couldnt blot off the top because of the sugar. 

so i had to cut it anyway..

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