Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Semalam m dapat berita tak bagus..   :(

I need to get a registered premise to store lye. 
Without that, cakap bye-bye kepada keinginanku yang satu ni.

told ayah, and he suggested my uncles company... 
tapi uncle m punya laa, cam segan je.. 
tak tanya pun lagi. it was still just a suggestion..

another was uncle zul's clinic..  


come to think of it, it is the perfect venue.
my dad's there. he can bring some lye back anytime I need except on his off days of course..

so skarang, tgh dok pikir nak wat apa.

i need to get this settled. 
once dah, then can proceed with the rest.. 
need to get the ball rolling you see. 

i need to go, driver time..

gosh! this is the shortest post so far..

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