Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Blogging Made easy.. hmm..


been uploading pictures in my coming post.. 
taking almost 3 hours plus!!
since I have so much to share.. haha  =)

the uploading part i think i can do without.. 
mengambil masa yang terlalu lama. 
there's probably a way to shorten the uploding time, 
by making my pics smaller, byte size, I think... 
dan semestinya size matters!!

m rasa by the time m habis upload pictures, 
m pun dah tak larat nk berblog.. for today that is.. :)

i guess i'd have to create something before i start blogging again..
(imagine me with a very cheeky smile)


like my latest MP soap.. 
I cant wait to tell you all about it!
(over lak font size kan, but m so excited!! wowie!!)

seriously, m dah redo bentuk aloe+VCO MP soap tu. 
(btw, m letak honey sikit dlm MP soap tu, lupa lak nak mention dalam post sebelum ni.)
dah tangkap gambar dah, tinggal nk upload je.. 
sabun pun dah tinggal satu je, yang lain samada sedang digunakan atau dah habis.  =)
abis tu, takkan nak buat perhiasan je kan.. mestilah m guna..

dan recently, 
m ada buat yang baru...
(sambil mengangkat kening dan memberi senyuman yang nakal)
but that will be in a different post..

mana leh cerita semua kat post nih.. 
tak aci laaa..

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