Friday, 19 August 2011

think think think!

Been so busy this week.

The only day yang m tak busy was the day I updated this blog,
which was on Wednesday.

Thursday felt like a Monday and

Friday (today) does not really feel like a Friday

even though I'm writing a post as we speak.

Since the final post in July..
bermacam2 perkara bermain dalam fikiran m,
sekiranya m mulakan proses membuat sabun CP (Cold Processed) tu.
(fuiyoo, berbahasa lak kita!)

To start..
I have to get a good basic recipe,
get my equipments ready
and only then can I start.
m not trying to delay anything
but I need to finish my MP soap first.

I dont know if I'm going to combine a CP and an MP together just yet
so I think might as well I create some MP's first.



time to do more thinking...


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