Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tiramisu Trial .. Yummy!


I made Tiramisu recently..
My first ever Tiramisu.  =)

It was supposed to be for my hubby's bday!! 
I couldnt present it like the hotel's version of it of course tapi jadilah..
buat layer by layer dalam mangkuk pyrex dan hasilnya, ramai yang suka.

buat double helping wei!!
dua mangkuk Pyrex. satu untuk rumah dan satu m bawak g ofis.

at first m tak nak bawak g ofis coz i was afraid it wouldnt taste nice. takkan nak bawak makanan yang tak sedap bagi orang rasa kan  but i went home, rasa dulu first bowl and it was good
so bawak jugak la g ofis. habis wei!!!!  =)
kat ofis tu kalau makanan x abis tak sah sebenarnya.. lol
well, who doesnt like to eat kan.. =)
terer jugak la for a first try kan.

made it from scratch!  
no, i did not milk a cow and made cream out of milk 
 but i made the spongefingers@ladyfingers from scratch and the cream after.. wowie, rasa terer sangat wei!!
kembang sekembang-kembangnya!!

i wish i had taken a picture of it to proof to you that i did it 
but since i already know how to make it, maybe in my next post i will!!

m all smiles this week  =)

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