Thursday, 14 July 2011



m rasa m dah overexcited gila-gila dah..

from the last post, i've been calling the pharmacy department like, every day.
I know its only 3 days in a row but still. 3 DAYS IN A ROW!! Wowie!!

kalau ikut logik, m rasa m dah leh isi borang and get it officially done.

tapi kalau m isi borang and its rejected buat apa kan..

lebih baik m find out all i need to know in order to fill up the form and get it approved, no Questions asked.  =)

i told the girl all I know, I even sent her some info that she should know.
But we'd still need to wait till next week to finally get a proper answer.

Stress wei...

ye la, tinggal ni je... then i can get my NaOH and START!!!!!!!!

Adoi, memang overexcited gila nih!!

Nak berangan jap..

Bila dah dapat confirmation that I can get my NaOH,
barulah m leh start beli barang-barang utk safety,
like the goggles, gloves etc..

pastu barang-barang untuk buat mixture lak,
bekas plastik, wooden spoon.
i already have the wooden mould so takde masalah...

then, bila dah terer, leh beli banyak-banyak essential oils.. exfoliating ingredients.. best kan..

m nak buat sabun, dah terer nanti leh buat shampu bar, leh buat facial bar.. sume barang2 yang takde chemical agents,
oh you know, chemical-free  =)
so shorter shelf life k! 
peringatan yang terlalu terlebih awal: use it terus, jangan nak simpan-simpan.

aaahh, thats the life...  =)

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