Monday, 4 July 2011

MP Aloe+Loofah+VCO


I took some pix of the latest MP soap that i blogged about the other day.
(oh you know, yang terbaru tu, the one yang m dah lama buat tapi yang last sekali tu.)
Please view below..

MP Aloe+Loofah +VCO

m guna kitchen towel -nya roll, cover one of the bottom with baking paper, ikat guna getah dan tuang MP kat dalam. m put it in the fridge for a short while, too short!! dan m tak sabar, i took it out from the fridge, unwrap it and i tore it so i got an air bubble kat dalam.

since guna kitchen towel nye roll, hasilnya satu MP soap yang panjang!

the aloe and the loofah naik kt atas skali so hasilnya tak menarik.. :(

artistically, i like =)

i plan to remelt it and pour it dalam bekas lain yang tak terlalu tinggi tp sampai sekarang tak buat2.

so, it is still nicely wrapped in a plastic wrap waiting for its maker to give it a new life.

sad ha..

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