Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Update on Permit...


I'm currently waiting for a call from Jabatan Kesihatan-Lesen/Permit.

In order to get the Permit, you perlu isi borang. mestilah kan..

Dalam borang tu, you kena ada nama syarikat, no pendaftaran syarikat, lesen perniagaan etc..

the ones that i mentioned are the hardest ones to do.. yang lain nak isi xde masalah sangat..

1. Nama syarikat - m ada nama business... should be okay kut..
(nama business ni dibuat sebab nak dapatkan permit laa)

2. No Pendaftaran  - dah adalah kan, sebab dah daftar dengan SSM.

3. Lesen Perniagaan - supposed to get this from DBKL, depending on which state you are, of course.
I called DBKL, they dont issue any license for online business or home-based business.
so good, i dont have to apply.  =)

After getting my answer from DBKL, m telpon la Jabatan Kesihatan.

One of the girls answered my call saying that I would have to write a letter
explaining why I dont have a lesen perniagaan/papan tanda perniagaan.

Okay, that i can do. no problemo.

dia suruh m tinggalkan nama dan no telpon so that they can call me back and give me the 'correct' answer.

sure, i got no problem with that too.

Received a call after.

This phonecall made my life difficult again!!

They have new rules, I need to have a 'premis'/tempat selain dari dalam rumah to keep my NaOH.

i was like, dah nak settle one problem, problem lain lak jadi!!

Wowie!! Bengang sekejap.

But i know why all this fuss is about so i will grin and bear it!!
janji i follow all the rules, no problem!!  =)

tetiba terfikir pasal ayah nya store kat kebun tu.
It's outside the house, on a separate lot of land. y not right?  =)

so i told the girl exactly that and until now i'm still waiting for that call...


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