Tuesday, 4 December 2012

planning planning


nak cite-cite nih!

m ada 2 plan!

plan nombor satu..

nak gi honeymoon w hubby.
actually, lebih kepada dating sebenarnya

Have not been on a proper date* with him for so so so so so long..

(*haritu- 3 weeks ago i think- masa bawak abah gi johor for a stint at the cosmetic surgery clinic-a dialysis thingy- adalah kitorang gi danga bay mall, siap pegang tangan gitu, rindu gila time-time camtu. masa tu tak bawak baby, jadi ala-ala dating tak dating la tapi tak proper laa, takde dinner+movie.. hehe)

So ingat anniversary ni nak overnight kat mana-mana.
jadinya dinner +movie plus some privacy. ehem ehem

M tak penah tinggal baby malam-malam sbb mmg biasa m yang tidokan baby waktu malam..

tapi m dah berjaya dapatkan sitter for the night!!

yea for me!

plan nombor dua..

m nak buat a get-together with some friends.

an all-girls thing, light food, great music, can-wear-anything-you-want.

parti sampai tak hingat dunia!!!

tak ah, hehe..
tak sehavoc tu

i want a night to dance.. its been awhile you see..
lama giloks tak nari..

so that s why I came up with this.


I got a DJ at 500 bucks!

Just need the venue, its got to be a hotel coz they can do whatever but  I don’t know how much they would charge. Need to ask for some quotes..

Let’s get busy!!



  1. ooooooo this la ekkk u told me that day... ahahahaa... niceeee... if the gathering is just for a small group, small meeting room will do. bila tu agak2 ?

  2. kwn kata mtg room ada cctv. tak jadi la nk wat kt apa2 function room. m nk dressup cam g clubbing.. leh? hehehe