Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Legoland Malaysia

i went to Legoland last week.

no pics.

hubs took pics. yet to be uploaded into his FB.

the trip was sponsored so 'yeay me'


baby was there, it was hot.

we were early so i got to rent a stroller that he didnt really want to sit in..
RM 20/day for a single stroller.

it was hot, did i say that already?

wanna go?
go next year. 
END of next year or the year after next year.
when the trees are bigger. 
with bigger branches and bigger leaves..

and book your tickets in advance.

it was hot.

for a Malaysian, m sooooo not into tanning!
its almost an everyday thing, if you get what i mean..

bought souvenir: an engraved mug, i think it was less than RM 40.

i think the lego brick keychain is slightly cheaper. with engraving.

i snuck in some junkfood/drinks in my backpack.
they didnt check.

i ate only a packet and drank only a bottle..
we ate lunch there. 
forgot to ask for receipt. 
anyway, hubs paid.

didnt play any games.


there was one.

the one where you try not to touch the moving metal with the metal you're holding.
i could've won a medium sized bear holding a heart 'I Love You' pillow.
i could' ve..

didnt i tell you? 
baby was there.
by the way, m not into rollercoasters..

games played with baby only.
i made sure he got spurted with water at the miniland, where the pirate ship was.

that was fun!

he is a year old baby.

and getting more than a few spurts is fun.

love you nawfal!


  1. wahhh dah sampai! nana n afiq x follow ker ?

  2. ada. kitorang berpecah. diorang g naik rides with my sister.