Wednesday, 19 December 2012

no more shhhhytinko (stinko)


in my excitedness planning for my anniversary 
and the party.. yang nampak cam tak jadi je btw...

lupa pula m nak bagitau yang m buat m nya own DEO.



to get rid of my stinkiness!!

iya betul!

i admit i have a very disturbing BO.

have used many brands since high school.

tapi tak ada yang bertahan..

even went natural and used the crystal

but that didnt work either.

until now!!!
so far (about 2 weeks now), it works!

browsed many sites, and took note of 2 recipes from these sites:



the 2 links above are for liquidy deo. i say its liquidy, alright.

let me explain..
(seem to like explaining a lot coz i get to babble more)

when you go to the links, they use solid coconut oil.
here in our country, Malaysia Truly Asia (nyanyilah lagu tu), 
i could only find liquid coconut oil.
i dont know where to find solid ones.
(so if you know, let me know k. thanks in advance!)
and should you want to have a solid deo, go find solid coconut oil okay.

talking about my deo pula, (i used recipe number 2 from website number 1 above) 
it is not solid, not really semi solid but liquidy. 
not watery liquidy but oily liquidy.. 
not so liquidy like oil but i hope you get what i mean.
so, i keep it in the fridge, not freezer, and use about a tiny teaspoon for both my underarms.
and it lasts practically the whole day while i'm at work.

used in on my two teenagers and they smell, but not as bad as before.
they were my guinea pigs coz they smell, like the mother, plus the fact that they're teens
so it goes without saying that they needed a good deo!

website no 2 gives you a great explanation why you should be a convert from a synthetic to a more natural approach.
i might give this a try because it is a solid deo.
just need to buy the empty twisty deo container...
will update (in another post of course) when i do make this!

found more if you want to try.






there are so many more natural recipes for you to try, go do your own research!!

its fun!

bila lagi nak bereksperimen kan..

fyi, this deo is not an anti perspirant k. 
its a deo. 
you do sweat. 
the sweat glands under your arms are not blocked, which is a better option in the long run. you should not block your glands, its not good.
website number 3 says you can add sage EO to reduce sweating.

so, happy experimenting!!


  1. i tried number 3, the powder but didn't add tea tree oil and yeah, my smelly armpit tak smelly sangat... :P

  2. IEDA: interesting indeed
    Mona: good for you!