Sunday, 5 February 2012

Idea? banyak... nak buat? susah!


plan nak buat sabun for my sis nya fren nye wedding..

idea dah ada, nak buat tu je kena lebih teliti sikit..

i need proper molds, separate molds for each bar because i want to do the double colour thing

2 sides with different colour, do a middle swirl and wallah, its done!

the molds i found, 
one was with a cavern on top, 
well, its a chocolate mold,
yang bentuk segiempat repat dan ada ruang kosong kat atas

i want a flat one,
and the flat one I found is too narrow, not the size that i have in mind..

nak cuba warnakan dengan dragonfruit, 
nak tengok warna apa yang bakal terhasil, marron or purple or red?

and orange juice, orange or cream?

nak match it with the theme..

i should start the experiment tomorrow and quickly start doing it 
because i have just about a month to cure the soaps!!

i dont want to plan to the finest detail, like packaging etc  
because i'm not even sure i can get the soaps done correctly pun..
tapi sis dah put those thoughts in my head so i've googled for simple packaging ideas..

but i need to put in an ingredient list as well..


too much stuff to think about, 
thats why i dont plan to sell anything just yet.. food or not.

chao chao

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