Tuesday, 7 February 2012

again. lye pockets!


2 batches of soap had lye pockets!!

i dont know what i did wrong.

i stirred alot (2nd one). 
because some sites say that not enough stirring will lead to having lye pockets... 
made sure that there were no lye crystals left when mixed with the coconut milk...
thought i did.

nak buat gift untuk orang pun pikir 2 3 kali. 
if i do a huge batch and if i produce lye pockets. 
imagine the amount of grating i'd have to do!!!

maybe i'd just have to buy a grater with the holder like the ones to make spaghetti.

but always having to do a rebatching? aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!
i read that a long exposure to air contributes to the lye crystals being hard and causing lye pockets too... 
or did i read that wrongly?

a site says that if lye is too cold, will have undissolved lye...

solution, possible suggestions:

- stir more
- less exposure to air
- lye must be warm (but will scorch milk if warm)

lets hope i can avoid lye pockets with these 3 suggestions..

stick blend instead of just stir. 
quickly add lye to milk once weighed, 
dont put ice under bowl. 
just let the lye scorch the milk, better option than having lye pockets later..

maybe that'll will work..

well, off we go..

m out of olive oil...

need to get some..

chao chao!

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