Sunday, 5 February 2012

7th CP, another carbon but now with EO's!!


yes, this is the 7th CP soap made..!

my charcoal soap is finishing so I made one more, 
this time with nice EO's. 

Patchouli, Tea Tree and Lavender..

Patchouli and Tea Tree is said to be good on the skin.
i added lavender because i like lavender..

i actually had to rebatch this because i had lye pockets..

can you see the white spots? 
when i cut it, there were holes with liquid coming out of it, 
i tested for lye and i got zapped!!

yup, i did the tongue-test

something i dont want to feel ever again if i can help it!

i actually burnt my tongue!


gargled with water and it didnt feel better, 
put vinegar on the sore part of the tongue but it didnt work either.. 
it stung!!

i gargled with balsamic vinegar a few times and swallowed it 
and my whole mouth was numb

so, final try, i gargled minyak gamat and it was just slightly better.

my tongue (right at the very tip) was sore for a few days.. 



so i grated it (pic not included. i forgot to take a picute of the hard work i did, i shouldve) 
and grated some coconut milk on it, mixed it all up.

left it overnight or was it 2 nights.. 1 night i think 
then double boiled it, 

added some more oil in it since i had excess lye with the lye pockets and all 
and mixed it all.

i didnt know what a gelling looks like but i think i had it gelled..

so this is the rebatched soap , cut.

texture not bad..

the cut bars are definitely not of equal length or size..


whats the word to use..?


i didnt bang the mold hard enough.
it was coming out of the sides each time i banged it..
so theres holes in it.

it wasnt pourable..

i had to scoop it out of the pan.

still, a good size

but nice texture haa  ;)

chao chao!!

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