Saturday, 4 February 2012

6th CP!!


yeah i know 
i'm in a roll..

well, i gotta post this..
its been awhile and i dont wanna keep holding this off (the posting)..

nanti akan lebih banyak kerja kena buat kalau tangguhkan lagi.

so here is my 6th CP soap!!

i really like this one!!!

because of the colour hehehe

dan kulit manggis tu laa
apa lagi..

i cant wait to use this.. i like scrubby soaps..
menggaru-garu badan ketika mandi. 

this is another CP soap, so i gotta wait at least  for 4 weeks..

yes, i dont intend to wait more than that, i dont care

i should but i wont..
i dont have the patience to wait any time longer than 4 weeks..


so end Feb, here I come!!

i tried to do many different swirls on this but in the end this is it..

colour is more profound in this pic (top)

pic a bit blurry..
but same thing..
wet swirls.. 
it looks as if its drying.. not that wet..

 yes yes more wet (slightly) swirl pics..

i cant seem to get enough of wet (slightly) swirl pics..!

cut bars. dried. obviously.

 standard =)

stacking.. =)

size = ok  :)


chao chao..

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