Sunday, 15 January 2012

Soap, with scent..


i havent made any new soaps and before i say i need to make one soon....
i know, i had a post before saying the same thing.

m nak buat tapi macam tak complete je soap without a perfume.

i want a complete soap, with perfume.

with a smell that lingers on your body, at least for 2-3 minutes after your shower..
after you've scrubbed dry with a towel, you can still smell the scent on your skin!

i went out and searched for essential oils yesterday.. 
i found out that some are really cheap and some are very expensive. 
i assumed because the process of obtaining them is tedious/difficult/plain test-your-patience kinda process.
and also because some are the 'base' and some are just 'top' notes.

'base' notes are the ones that holds the smell together and you can smell it forever and ever!
meaning: the scent stays longer than the 'middle' or 'top' notes.
these are expensive oils!

but i can get it real cheap!!
at RM 19.90 per bottle (without discount mind you). 
so you can imagine the price with a discount. 

wow, there goes my budget! 

you tend to.. 
I tend to buy more when it costs less.. 
same right?  you too... haha!

example: patchouli, a base note.
i can get it at RM 30 per bottle under brand A 
and brand B sells it at a hundred
or was it more?

point is, i need to know whether the RM 30 is of the same quality as the RM 100. 

how will i know?


well, i just googled.
there is a possibility that the RM 30 is not of a good quality than the RM 100. 
in this case - OBVIOUSLY!!
price does not determine quality, in some cases.
EO, i guess, is a special case. 
the price does determine quality..


well, i dont know how that particular company made the EO.
did they use fresh herbs/flowers or 
did they use old rotting dry ones?

how would i know? 
buy different brands of EO and test it on my soaps directly? 


well, that is the only way i could think of now.


maybe i'll just do that.
lets just hope i dont have breakouts!


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