Sunday, 15 January 2012

Need Fat-Burning Tips!


m dok cuba kurangkan berat badan m.

i have tried puasa.
i have tried and still trying to have less carbs..
i tried, on and off, exercising. by this i meant walking not jogging, not running nor swimming.

it was easier in my younger years.
i was active, mostly at night, 'dancing the night away'
it was so much easier then..

now, no dancing. period. zero activity.

so fats are like my closest friends now.
and i've got lumps to prove it!
but i shan't strut and show it to you. 
not a heavenly sight.

i love walking. 
i dont mind walking a longer distance to enter a mall than having to go in circles and 
wait for a shopper to leave just to get a parking spot in front of the entrance! 
menyusahkan diri pada awal dan menyenangkan kemudian, i know
but the wait, the prowl, the patience that i dont have!
i dont like!
walking is better! most definitely!

i dont like jogging. 
letih laaa.. 
perhaps because its not interesting

dancing is. 
i know. 
i should take up a dance class. 

i should take up my pole class again, i know. 
wait till i have money to buy myself a pole. hehehe

i always talk about money, coz i'm not good in budgeting

i always change topic.  
or add topic to another
because everything is interesting
dont you think so? 
rhetorical, dont answer that. please. no! dont!

but if i had a pole, would i use it daily?
or macam biasa, 
jadi hangat-hangat tahi ayam je?

its a good workout regime you know, the pole.
you use your hands and your tummy and your thighs, 
the best workout for the most difficult places. 
MY most fat-difficult places!
and i took it for a very short time only! uwaaaaaa!!

let's learn to save some money.

for my retirement years..

and to buy my pole!!!!!


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