Sunday, 1 January 2012

Merokok@Smoking@Naga – Tabiat Buruk yang Tak berkesudahan?


m nya mood memang sentiasa naik turun.
Been like this since.... forever...


i hope not, it’s too early and i have yet to conceive, again. Hahaha.

yea yea i know too much info..

you can just disregard that if you don’t mind..  =)

back to my unpredictable moodswings..

we’ve had been receiving news of relatives passing.  Only 2, but still very recent.

i don’t have to say who.. not necessary.

topik m ialah berkenaan penyakit yang dihidapi yang mungkin menjadi penyebab kematian.

one died because of lung cancer if i’m not mistaken and another of a heart failure.

lifestyle: smoking is definitely one of them..

i don’t want to specify heavy smoker or a light smoker because we know that as long as you get it (the smoke) into you, then the risk is there.

i don’t understand smokers..

they do it when they know its bad for them. Why?

tak pelik ke camtu?
i think it is. Plain weird.

First, the CONTENT of the cigarette is already supposed to make you cringe from even considering it. Yet you buy and smoke it anyway. You ignore that fact.
(i got the no smoking image online after googling a no smoking sign to paste around the office. Courtesy of KUWEIGHT 64. I added the "Dilarang Merokok" and the "No Smoking" words on it.)

Second, the printed pictures SHOW you what it can cause. Yet you buy and smoke it anyway. You ignore that fact.

Third, people DYING with many different types of illnesses caused by smoking or being a second-hand smoker (which is worse.) Yet you still buy and smoke it anyway. You ignore that fact.

do you have to be dying of an illness caused by smoking for you to realise its negative effects?

can’t you even think for yourself BEFORE that happens?

yes, tak ketara ke that m totally frustrated with this?

i mean, come on, you should realise that it’s bad with all the signs OBVIOUSly showing how bad it is.

why cant you open your eyes?

look, my dad was a smoker.

from what he told us, he started coughing one day and then just like that, he stopped.
Yup, Cold-Turkey!

sudden stop of having any nicotine, wow!

the only withdrawal symptom he had was lifting his two fingers as if he was smoking. you know, to grip the cigarette stick. and nothing else.. NICE..

the fact that he stopped immediately, now that is interesting!

see, what is important here is your WILL.

whatever you want to do, you can actually Just Do It! (No, this is not an advert for Nike.)

m repeating this old saying,
“Where there’s a Will, there’s a way!

but where is that Will of yours?

takkan tak ada langsung keinginan untuk melakukan satu kebaikan for your own body?

talking about this..

list of my have to do's :

just 20 minutes 3 times a week is sooooo difficult!
stop eating when my tummy is full,
m tak nak membazir that why i try to finish whatever is served on my plate, and others!! 
oops, the cat is out of the bag!!
reduce my intake of red meat and reduce my cholesterol level.
uuuuh, i loooove lamb!! maybe i can take more oats instead, and still keep lamb?
listen to the call of nature and not ignore it till the last minute,
if you know what i mean..

there should be more but i cant recall…

i have to find my will to start doing those things I’ve mentioned above and others that arent.

but what about you?
have you even thought about it?

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  1. they just buat bodo... mmg sedey dgn org yg macam ni... huhuuu...