Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stand up for your right not to cook and clean and etc!


i guess sometimes you have to be firm and stand for what you think is right.

not just to brush your ego but real things.

things that really matters to you

like the right NOT to cook and clean and iron clothes and etc!

i feel like this is a serious topic.
my topic.
m sure its your topic too, at times..

c'mon ladies, i work, you work too, right? 

yes i know, if we do it, its plus points for us

but if we dont, so what?

from a mothers point of view, its different.

i know i have to coz Nawfal's just 1 year plus 
and he cant do his own cooking or cleaning.

and sometimes your (my) teen children asks me to do it nicely
and we (i) do it so willingly (yeah right).

if you are the perfect housewife kinda person
which i hope I will be 
then perhaps I dont mind
but right now, right this instant i am not.

So please, 
I am standing up for my right
NOT to COOK and CLEAN and IRON clothes
and whatever it is that is said to be traditionally women's responsibilities!

Thank you!


p.s: awak nak cakap apa awak cakaplah, saya ada hak untuk bercakap
dan saya rasa topik ni ramai juga yang berhasrat nak menyatakan dengan terang-terangan cuma pada ketika ini mungkin mereka belum mampu (dengan alasan tersendiri)

ada betoi?

one man's meat is another's poison..

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