Friday, 22 February 2013

my circly..


i love doodling!
conteng-conteng as i call it!

let's introduce you to one...

my circly

i follow Wit & Whistle!

i like the fact that she also doodles and earns from her doodling.

she makes notebooks! 
on recycled paper!

cards, greeting cards etc..

i love the pillow covers!

bila m tengok semua blog kraf
rasa macam nak buat semua je..

m tau kemampuan m
dan setakat ni
masih terhad kepada
sabun buatan tangan m sendiri..

maybe i should maintain being a jack of all trades
not ALL all, just my all
if you get what i mean
 i dont think you do

see ya later, alligator!!!


p.s: i do have a lot more
too lazy too upload laaa...
nantilah ya..

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