Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hawaiian Themed Gathering - Raffia Skirt


Just wanted to share.

masuk bakul angkat sendiri nih. 
bukan selalu pun kan.

We (office) had a gathering of sort on February 6th, 2013.

ye la, takkan 2012 kan..
this year's story laaa..

the theme was hawaiian..

guess what i was wearing..


whenever i think of hawaiian..
it'll be the dried leaves skirt, 
the coconut bra 
(no offence to any Hawaiians but I like the idea, 
not everyone can fit, I might! ROFL), 
the beautiful graceful dancing ladies 
and lots and lots of flowers.

made one skirt using raffia 
(the plastic one, not from the plant)
a few years back
for a function with the same theme 
but never got to wore it because 
i was too shy.

when you see me, you would not have 'shy' in your description of me 
but i am, at times, thus the reason i didnt wear it.
(m jutting my tongue out now okey)

well, this time i put my shyness in the closet for a few hours 
and i wore the skirt.

lookieeee meeeee

heh heh heh

Just in case you were wondering, 
the trophies were tokens of appreciation
for being part of the committee in organising the 'Sports' Day
 and for a 3rd placing in Badminton.
Last place actually 
but there were only 3 doubles (ladies) playing
so still 3rd placing.
lucky us ha!!

the lei was a welcome lei
from the organising committee for this event.

the flower on my scarf was recycled.
the one i made for my wedding
Bunga Dip

and on the other side
the scarf was just plaited together

the skirt 
is history.. 


the photographers took a lovely picture of me sitting down.
not really of me.

the SKIRT!

that was when we had our first game
the Q & A

I sooooooo like this pic!



  1. Wowwwweeeee... niceee... boleh pinjam nanti? hehee... tak dapat best dress ka ?

    1. nk pinjam skirt? boleeeeh.
      takde category untuk tu. it wasnt an annual dinner kinda thing.
      one of the girls (committee)kata kalau ada, i would have bagged that award! hahaha

  2. Fuyooo..klass Mint!!!...mana munge munge???

    1. kat kepala ada satu.. and skaf tu munge-munge jgak kan, walaupun kaler ijau!