Sunday, 11 September 2011

Terkenang Kembali...


i noticed that i cant be in a popular group
it was obvious in high school and more obvious in college
not forgetting uni

didnt quite fit in


i was friends with many in high school
but couldnt get really close to anyone when my best friend left

i made friends with each newcomer that came in 
but that didnt lturn into BFF and in the end i was quite a loner
(i felt that way)
not forgetting many other things that happened in those final years of high school


i made the mistake of "drifting away" from a girlfriend in college 
while trying to make friends with the popular people
guess i didnt know how to divide my time equally with both groups

i miss her.

i tried to find her on facebook 
but i forgot her name

i have her picture
i can still remember her face without even looking at it

a sweet girl.. 

i remember the picture
it was of us when we went for a function
like a Gala Dinner or something like that
i think she wore gold
not jewellery, her clothing 

i also remember she came to the house for a project we were doing
and she wanted to go home as it was late
(we didnt plan for her to stay the night)
so we called up a cab and in the very very last minute we "accidently" missed the cab.
(if you can count hiding behind the phone booth as being "accidental")

scary wei..
i changed her mind at the very last minute coz it was late.. midnight or something..
it wasnt safe for her to take the cab or something like that
(dah lewat kan.. anything can happen.)

it was lucky for us the cabbie didnt see us or he would have us killed (literally)
you know, for ditching him..

(we, called the cab, 
so if anything were to happen we can actually check with the cab company 
coz they have the cabbies details but.. 
but instead.....) 


she didnt bring her contact lens case so had to put her lens in water in a glass, 
or was it a cup or a small bowl...
i dont remember well but i think we did just that..

kadang-kadang memang terasa silly bila fikir benda yang dah berlalu..

why we do what we did..

take care old friend..
wherever you are..

i remember in uni
hangin' out with my group of friends
oh we had fun!! loads of 'em
i made a fool out of my self countless times..

guess they didnt like it 
(me being a clown most of the time) 
as all of them drifted away ..
 joking joking.
no hard feelings..
(clown maa)

or is it time and/or other dominoes that made us change?


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