Saturday, 10 September 2011


here are the chunks, with a different mix..

do take a look.
(scroll down)

cun tak?
(scroll down. hehe)

I mixed the Mixed Chunks (that would be the biggest section besides the white)
(oh you know, the turmeric plus pandan that was mixed with the colourless MP-refer previous post)
with white MP and arranged the individual chunks (green and golden orange) altogether..
(all are Melt & Pour soap base that I mixed with Aloe Vera gel-blended-fresh from my dad's garden, 
Virgin Coconut Oil and Honey)

First half of the pics are the ones freshly out of the mold 
(a tupperware really)..


  i divided it into 2..
and cut it into 4..

pics, next half, are the ones that's i've 'cleaned' up a bit.

 one a tad too much!

inspired by pasito a pasito.. modern art..


when am i gonna start with my CP!!!!

(heavy sigh)


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