Monday, 22 February 2016

TCBY - Yogurt Ice Cream

when i was a kid, my dad used to bring us (the whole family) 
for a treat at a yogurt ice cream store in TTDI.

that was over 25 years ago i think

i dont remember when the store closed down
but it has made its comeback again
just found out this year when it has already opened in 2014!!


what i remember was the Golden Vanilla flavour

served in a sweet huge wafflecone 
and a long spoon!
to scoop the yogurt ice cream out with the toppings of course

now no more huge waffle cones
only standard sized ones and
various sizes cup!

i had my first just 2 weeks back at Oasis Ara Damansara
and because i added so much topping is hid the Golden Vanilla taste.

next time I should have more of the yogurt than the toppings but who can resist the toppings!!!!

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