Monday, 22 February 2016

Selamat Tahun Baru 2016, in Feb!!

m still kat sini.
masih nak mengupdatekan blog yang dah lama tak disentuh for the past 2 years kut!!

dont judge


reached a point in my life where i dont know if i should care or not, about many things.
not including blogging. since i dont remember this. tak kira.

this was not in the top section of my brain/thoughts.

i missed reading my favourite blogs, dok tengah membaca page by page, post by post, 
as much as i can while m still thinking of it.

tak tau bila plak akan ditinggalkan blog m ni.

a ha!

i dont know when, you wont know it either.



i dont feel like summing up 2015.

it came, it left, and it has some memories attached to it
good or bad, good and not so good, neither matters. 
i moved on.

azam 2016

perlu ada anger management

perlu lebih peka with those in my life.

stop talking too much, without thinking
so basically just stop talking, senang lagi kut, tak yah risau salah cakap.

overall, be NICE

i know its already Feb, going on March.

Good luck to you too dengan azam tahun baru!!


  1. Eh da ada updates..ketinggalan nekcik ni rupanya

    1. baru je kut..
      mmg dh lama tinggal blog ni ha..
      tak teringat..