Friday, 8 August 2014

Practical Choice - Stick Blender


I know..

I'm on a roll..


But do you remember about my post on my stick blender some months ago?

About how I mistakenly tried to grind some coarse salts and somehow my Kenwood stick blender got jammed?

It is a very useful tool you know, whether or not you're into soaping, like yours truly here..

even if I'm on soaping hiatus for now due to improper management of time when having a kiddo around..

i salute mothers with more than 1 kid.. i cant even properly handle one.. got tips?

Well, back to my blender, here's the link to it if you're wondering which one..

It has the same serial/part number or whatever number you call it, 
but when I bought mine, i had 2 stick blenders, 
one is the one shown in the site and a wider one as well..

I bought mine a few years ago when I first started learning soapmaking.
It lasts!

I know I'm not a business soapmaker, i just make soaps for myself and my family.
I dont really count the one sale I made or should I..?

What I mean to say is I dont use the stick blender much.. 

So that's why m nya stick blender to sihat lagi kut.. hehehe

Well, i think I did mention I bought another to replace the Under-Repair one and it is similar to this, A Philips Stick Blender.

For all you loyal-branded people, Sorry.
I use items as long as they are usable... very practical of me kan...

I used it once you know, the replace-stick blender-due-to jam-day
but I'm sure I'll use it again soon!!

as I cant seem to find the Kenwood one yet
dah round round kat rumah tapi tak jumpa-jumpa lak..

Yes, I plan to finish off whatever balance of leftover soap I have at home!!

Not in one day laaa..

But Soon..

So stay tuned!!!


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