Friday, 8 August 2014

Health Choice - The Air Fryer


I know I havent posted much since , FOREVER gitu..

but here I am now!!

Recently, I watched this add on an Air Fryer, promoted by a local chef and I find this very interesting..

Here's the link to an Air Fryer from Philips,
It says that it can reduce fat intake up to 80% is like WOW!!!

I can eat fries without worrying too much about the oil amount used. 
I can actually save on my Oil consumption since it Air-Fried! 
Meaning I dont spend too much on oil lah.

So, kalau m beli Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), this would be a real money-saver!! life-saver too!!
I am opting to cut other oils and just use VCO since I've read that it's healthier kan..
But the price is OMG especially if you fry a lot of stuff (i know its not healthy to fry all the time..but now we have the Air Fryer so my worries are to an end!!) 
So sekarang macam best je kan kalau dapat beli an Air Fryer for my use.

Air Fryer shall definitely be on my wishlist!!




  1. salam Mint...lamanya xde kabar berita
    nekcik pun minat angat air fryer ni sbb risau pngunaan minyak yg banyak...tapi mahei lagi

    1. waalaikumussalam.....
      tu la kan..sibuk sangat...hehehe
      simpan duit, lama-lama jadi bukit... untuk m, 2 tahun lagi kut.. ha ha ha
      mana tau harga turun.. atau brand lain nanti lagi murah..