Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Natural Colouring for CP Soap..

m in the midst of finding natural colorants for my soap.

the only one I could use, commonly found here is turmeric.

pandan is available but to get the colour (green/hijau) is tiresome.
m dh tak ingat sangat cemane m wat tahun lepas.
rasa-rasanya cam ni kut - 
m potong kasar, campur dengan air dan blend, pastu perah.

m rasa m nak carik stevia lah.
kalau ada dalam bentuk serbuk senang la nak source out kaler hijau.
for your info- the google search have included stevia as a possible green.

note to self and others reading..
the green from pandan doesnt last for a year.
that means the soap should be used within 6 months or less.
not meant to be kept forever okay..

black/hitam, m dah beli activated charcoal.
banyak lagi ada. tak abis-abis lagi ha hitamnya.

purple/ungu/biji remia, is currently an adventure.
some are using Alkanet, Ratanjot, Stoneseed/Gromwell.
the search was interesting.. still is, actually.

red sandalwood is too hard to find and 
if I’m not mistaken, will be expensive.
sandalwood ialah cendana, by  the way. 
some websites are stating that it can produce a purple/red coloured soaps.

annatto is another natural colouring and 
the local pokok is kesumba.
this could produce the colour orange..

yes, these searches for natural colouring has gotten me searching for local trees/shrubs/etc.

i have yet to get bunga telang.
this is for the colour blue/biru.
if it can be used on soaps.
so far, I’ve read that this is used to colour our Kelantanese dish, Nasi Kerabu.

paprika for red/orange.
dok ingat paprika tu cili macam cili biasa yg kering.. 
rupa-rupanya capsicum.
i don’t really know my way in the kitchen–cooking-wise, 
i have to admit that at least..
still, i have to find powdered ones.
takkanlah m nak beli the whole fruit and dry it and blend it myself.
maaf, m rasa m tak serajin tu.

tapi doa-doakanlah m jadi rajin 
dan mampu buat kebanyakan perkara sendiri ye,
terima kasih.

okay, my search for natural colouring continues..

i still need the physical trees/fruit/flowers.

cant find it yet here.

so if you happen to see some, tell me where so i can come and trim it off..

"Off with their heads!" - Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland



  1. Salam Mint...what about Rozelle..the colour is so nice!!

    1. kebetulan! m baru cuba semalam, roselle (bunga kering dikoyak2kan), bunga telang (also dikoyak2kan) dan kulit manggis (yg dh kering+blend). tapi m campur semua dgn air suhu room temperature. tak keluar kaler sgt. dh campur dgn sabun. kita tunggu hasilnya ye..