Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Being Crafty - Pendant Lights

m made some crafts these few weeks.

Adalah jugak buat sabun tapi trial soap for colouring test je..

Back to my crafts – what I did was based on these crafty finds
(cant embed any pics in this post so please click on link to see what i'm talking about.
Update: Embedded pic.) 

i made 2 sets and each set has only 5 layers 
instead of 7 layers you see from the original website.

Nanti m tangkap gambar hasilnya and upload here k.
O lupa lak nak cakap, m spray kaler itam.

m ada buat cam ni gak tapi bentuk bujur sebab m guna belon sebagai asas.
Paper m pakai crepe paper kaler silver.
Nampak selekeh sikit aaa.

yang ni m buat, pakai asas belon jugak.
m beli twine. Tali kaler off white, m spray kaler dark brown+yellow.

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