Thursday, 12 December 2013

Red Chandy!

assalamualaikum kengkawan,

long time no see haa

i've uploaded 3 pics.

latest nih..

i like all 3 pics so i keep all here okay.

both i made..

using cardboard..

yes i uploaded 2 similar pics..

the black pendant light and the red chandelier..

i have yet to fix the top part for the chandy, to hide the wires..

twas supposed to be for the kipas

but i dont want a ceiling fan (sorry, baba) 
kah kah kah

so i made this instead..

ok lah, baba tak bebel..

maybe i should cut the light's pole
to make it shorter..

and leave the chandy as is..

what do you think?



  1. wamboii lama hilang..nilah keje nya ye...ingat nekcik mint dah buat kilang sabun!!